The Challenge

The branding implemented for Charm & Grace can be defined in one simple word, elegance.

Grace Ann reached out to Boss Creative with her brand new company, Charm and Grace, seeking to sell beautiful, handcrafted jewelry. Her passion for coming together with her friends through their shared interest of classic pieces drove her to reach out to us. She wanted to bring her dream of selling the jewelry that she and her friend’s love to life. Starting from scratch, our design team produced an elegant monogram, using the initials of the brand’s name.

The result was a beautifully unique flower icon that paved the way for Grace Ann’s vision to blossom. The color palette we used of blush, to represent romanticism, grey to represent sophistication and gold to represent glamour emphasizes her brands charming feel. Using the flower monogram, along with the sophisticated color palette, we were able to produce a branding composition for the upcoming e-commerce website tailored to showcase the refined jewelry sold by Charm & Grace.

Services Provided

  • E-Commerce Website Design + Development
  • Branding

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