Zoom Past Your Competition: All About Website Load Speed

Website Load Speed

It’s become human nature to expect to get what you want immediately. This need for speed does not exclude the time a visitor wants to wait for your website to load and your impatient audience will be gone fast if your website doesn’t load in the blink of an eye. If people are constantly having to wait longer than 3 seconds for your website to load they’ll get frustrated and leave in search of the information they need. (News flash: they’ll probably find it on your competitor’s website)


A slow-loading website doesn’t just affect bounce rates, a short one-second delay can also cut conversions by 7%. Don’t lose 7% of your leads or sales to something as trivial and easily fixable as load speed.


Load-speed also affects search rankings, which can be an ideal way for you to get ahead of your competition. According to Clutch’s Small Business Websites in 2016 survey, only about one in five small businesses surveyed said that they planned on improving their website’s performance. This is great news for you! While your competition is losing customers fast, you can make sure that your website is loading quickly and leave your competitors in the dust.


So, let’s get you started on increasing your website load speed.

  • First thing’s first, you need to figure out what your website load speed is currently. You can use Google’s free PageSpeed Insights tool to get an analysis in less than a minute. This tool gives you a report on both mobile and desktop.
  • Next, you can take some steps to improve your website load speed on your own by hosting on quick servers and keeping image sizes small.
  • If you really want to increase your website’s load speed, and you have the funds to do so, consider hiring a website development or design company.


Hey San Antonio, if you’re worried about spending money on hiring a web design company to boost your load speed, keep in mind that you will be getting your money back — and quick!– through increased business because of faster load speed. Increasing profits is a struggle for 45% of small business owners (according to The State of Small Business Report) — don’t let a slow website hinder your businesses potential!

Feeling like your website’s load speed is keeping you from potential customers or sales? We’d love to help you assess the problem. Feel free to reach out to us here!

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