Setting Your Business Apart by Putting People First

Let’s be honest – in today’s online world it’s hard to make your website, and your business, stand out from the rest. With so many products and services that all do the same thing, we have to learn to adjust our approach and pique people’s interest with more than just functionality and data. It has to resonate with people emotionally. Modern consumers want to know what you can do for them and how your product or service is going to solve their problems. So how can you accomplish this with your business? You need to provide value.

Consumer’s don’t care about the specifics of the product. If anything, that’s just the icing on top. The key to standing out amidst all the noise and clutter is to connect with those consumers emotionally and show them how what you’re selling will improve their way of life.

You need a value proposition.

Look at Apple – Apple is dominating the music streaming space, the computer industry, mobile phones, wearable tech, and even TV! How has a computer company managed to be so wildly successful in multiple industries where other large companies, like Dell, failed miserably? It’s not about the specifics of what they’re selling – even though they make a great computer – it’s why people need it in their lives. Apple has created a massive brand following because it’s shown people why their products will improve their life, not just that they function well and the specs are good.

So, back to basics – a value proposition is a statement explaining why people should do business with you. Here are 6 elements you need to consider when creating your value proposition:

Your target audience

Who are you trying to reach? Refrain from casting a wide net because you’ll end up not attracting anyone. Define the attributes and characteristics that make up your target audience and this will help focus your marketing efforts.


Consumer needs

In order to provide value, you’ll need to know what the needs of your customers are.


The value of your solution

Now that you know what your customers needs are, you’ll need to figure out and understand how your solution will provide value to them.


Your products and services

Your value proposition does not rest solely on what you offer. In order to be truly customer-centric, you have to offer products and services that will appeal to them emotionally, help fill a void or solve a problem.


Your reason to believe

Why should people believe in your value proposition? Provide compelling reasons why they should believe you using case studies or testimonials to show that you are committed to delivering on your value proposition.


The point of difference

Why is your product or service different? While your value proposition will help you stand above the crowd, it’s also important to have products or services that help establish your competitive advantage in the marketplace. But it’s not enough to just be different, your difference should also be valuable!

Start working on your value proposition today and take your business to the next level!

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