The Year 2017 in Review

As 2017 comes to a close, we’re looking back at all the accomplishments — big and small — we’ve had over the past year. Come on this journey with us as we reminisce, I promise we won’t make it too long. 

If you have a little bit of a short attention span, no worries, here’s the short version –

This year we rebranded ourselves, gave our website a much-needed redesign, held an official rebrand event, welcomed a new team member aboard, and acquired some truly fantastic clients that we are just thrilled to continue working with.

If you’d prefer a longer, more detailed version and only like “the short version” when referring to your uncle’s golf stories, then this is for you.

This year we rebranded…

…and created a shiny new website to match! Haven’t seen it yet? You can check it out here:

We’re pretty excited about it and feel it does an amazing job of truly showcasing who we are and what we can do.

We also put together a little promotional event at Bird Bakery to get the word out about how AWESOME our new logo looks.

We had the pleasure of working with some truly fantastic, new branding clients as well as fostering relationships with some amazing clients that we’re already thrilled to know.

Branding takes a little time and a lot of heart. It requires a creative team and clients that truly care about the success of the company. This year we gained several clients that made us feel truly excited to be doing the work we do.

Here’s a quick blast from the past and some of our favorite client work from 2017 – and we’re just getting started.




We’re coming for you, 2018!



So, I guess this is goodbye. For now, anyway.

Happy New Year to you and yours, from all of us here at Boss Creative!

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