All About Slack

Ever find yourself with an inbox full of unchecked emails? Ever go back through your sea of emails unable to find that one file you desperately need now? Well, there’s an awesome tool that can help with these all too common issues at work. It’s name is Slack! Slack is the best- and not just for its giphy’s, status features and usability. Slack is great for keeping internal communication centralized and organized. When there are so many projects going on at once things can get a bit hectic and overwhelming – slack channels are life savers.

Slack channels allow you to keep discussions about each project separated. Team members who are on that specific project can be added to the slack channel. This way, other team members aren’t bombarded with information that’s irrelevant and possibly distracting to their work. With slack nothing gets lost in the vast expanse of our emails.

There are a couple of different types of slack channels. Public channels are accessible to all group members and have a hashtag symbol at the beginning of their names. Private channels are only accessible by invitation and have a padlock at the beginning of their names. Direct messages are conversations between one or several people who are outside a channel. So, many times during the day you’ll hear us saying to each other “hey, did you see my slack?” or “I slacked you!” (side note: slack can be used as a noun or a verb).



Here at Boss Creative we have a team slack channel, which includes every team member, where we share cool articles, projects or photoshopped pictures of Seth’s head on random elderly men. If you want a specific person to see your message, just type @ into the channel and type the person’s name- they will get a notification, so you know when people are just ignoring you *cough cough.*

Slack greatly reduces the number of emails we send one another and it’s a fun and functional way to keep in touch with everyone on the team. When it comes to client communication we used old fashioned phone calls, emails and keep all messages and content centralized on Basecamp.

Slack is a great tool that helps us be more productive with our time – it’s also well-designed, user-friendly and very helpful for quick communication. We would definitely recommend Slack if you find you’re losing emails or getting disorganized and overwhelmed with a large amount of products.


By: Leia Unger



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