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    How To Transition to 2019 Like A Boss: Part One (Reflection)

    Christmas is coming early this year, y’all!


    This year, we wanted to do something special for you.

    For the last month of 2018, we’re going to publish one blog a week– each filled with tips and tricks to help you smoothly transition to and excel in 2019.

    Before we can get into any of that, however, we feel it is important for you to take a moment with your employees to reminisce. Think about your experiences this year and reflect on what you learned. In doing this, you will find it a lot easier to see what needs to be done to bring your company to the next level in 2019.



    Without further ado, here is a quick recap of what went down at Boss Creative in 2018:



    The Boss Creative logo was refined and set in stone once and for all.

    Boss Creative Logo










    Our new design allows us to use the Boss logo in many different ways– even inside of a rainbow!

    Boss Creative Rainbow Logo











    We redefined our core services and transitioned into a full-fledged Branding, Marketing, and Advertising agency.

    This change allowed us to be able to work on a lot of amazing projects that we are truly passionate about.



    Seth Westphal officially became partner!

    His talent and experience in the marketing world made a huge impact on our growth and quality of work.



    We brought in two new employees!

    Gabriella Esquivel joined the team in April as our Executive Assistant. Her attention to detail and spunky spirit has done wonderful things for Boss Creative.


    Gaby's First Day


    Hannah McConnell joined the Boss Creative team in July as a Digital Media Intern.


    Hannah's First Day


    Together, Hannah, Gaby, and Conner formed GABCON FT. THE HAN– the ultimate marketing girl group.

    GABCON Girl Squad











    Boss Creative acquired 3 new, amazing clients: Journey Homes, CYA, and Alamo Cafe.

    We also had some major successes with our other clients like DataWing Global, SaniSafe, Deaf Interpreter Services, and Property DireKt.


    Alamo Cafe Career Fair



    We attended the SAMA Trade Show back in May

    SAMA Trade Show 2018


    A lot of great things came out of this event. For one, we got a shiny, brand new Boss Creative sign. It now sits proudly in the front of the office and works great for a quick photo-op!

    Boss Creative Sign

    We also made a number of great connections and absolutely loved the setup of the show!



    A few members of the Boss Creative team attended the Brand New Conference in New York this year. We had so much fun!

    Brand New Conference New York 2018



    We had fun at the SA Youth Luncheon in November too!

    SA Youth Shine Luncheon



    As a company, we made a lot of big accomplishments this year. None of them would have been possible if it weren’t for the wonderful people that make up Boss Creative.

    That’s why this year we wanted to show off the team’s biggest moments of 2018.



    Peter“I am so proud to be at a point where I have 100% trust with all of my team members to be self motivated and produce the best work in the history of this company. I’m also thrilled about the client partnerships we have established this year and I am eager to see what the end results are! It truly seems like we have been attracting a better fit all around, which has helped us to enhance our process and grow substantially as a team.”

    “We have also had the opportunity as a company to connect with several San Antonio based business owners and I am in awe of the talent this city has to offer.”

    “On a more personal note, I’ve been able to spend a lot more time with my family this year and I am so grateful for that!”



    Seth“One of my proudest moments this year was definitely becoming partner at Boss Creative. Aside from that, however, I’m proud of how we were able to stick to our guns and truly excel in our work. We were fortunate this year to be able to do a lot of work we felt passionate about and with a lot of great people.”





    Conner“My biggest moment this year was seeing Journey Homes reaction to the tagline and potential marketing campaign we created for them. Also, my BFFL, Gaby, came to work with us and now we are GABCON!”






    Stewart“I am so proud of Boss Creative for being selected amongst a number of top local agencies in San Antonio to represent Alamo Cafe. The Brand New Conference in New York was a great experience as well!”






    Gaby“My best moment this year was being hired! I enjoy working with everyone here and being a part of such an amazing team.”






    Hannah“My number one highlight this year, aside from being hired, was being able to work beside so many great people and learn so much from them. I’m excited to see what’s to come in 2019 for all of us!”






    Dalyn“I really enjoyed how productive we were and how much we were able to accomplish this year.”





    We could not be more proud of everything we accomplished this year. Boss Creative is stronger than ever and ready for more! We’re currently gearing up for another year of growth and success and aren’t going to let anything stand in our way!

    Watch out, 2019!

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