The San Antonio Commanders: A Brand Analysis

Commanders Logo

It’s finally happening!

We’re getting our own football team!

When it was announced last June that a brand new football team was coming to San Antonio, the overwhelming majority of us were excited, yet eager to see how it would all play out. Unfortunately, the Commanders’ first game isn’t until February 9th, so we still have a bit of waiting.

Until then, we thought we would help pass the time by taking a quick look into what makes the Commanders, well, the Commanders!

What is Branding?

By this point, you probably get the gist of what branding is, so we won’t drone on for too long.

Branding is about creating a reputation or image for your organization to be known by. Your brand is, without a doubt, the feature that will either make or break your business.

Generally, as a business, you target everything you do towards a specific subset of customers. But for a sports team, branding is a bit different. It’s all about the fans, the personalities, the performance, and even the trust or respect that makes up a team’s brand.

For a sports team, branding helps to establish a groundwork for all of the organization’s content, including a website, social media, uniforms and merchandise, and even future advertising.

Every sports team in the world has its own unique brand, so here’s an in-depth look at our own:

The San Antonio Commanders Brand

Let’s start with the basics.

The Commanders are San Antonio’s first professional football team. As if it weren’t already enough pressure to start a brand new team from scratch, the creators needed to somehow fully capture and convey the eclectic essence of our historical city.

That’s why the Commanders brand revolves around the rich military background that San Antonio has always been a part of.

San Antonio Commanders Brand Logo

Take a look at the Commanders logo real quick.

The name Commanders is a tribute to San Antonio’s rich military history and also lends to emphasize the military tradition and historical significance of our city. The colors– maroon and silver, are meant to represent the city and the swords carried by military officers. Take note of some of the other features, like the lone star, which closely resembles our state flag. And of course, let’s not forget the Alamo, which is definitely an important feature of the Commanders’ logo.

Aside from the obvious references in the team’s logo, you can expect to feel this military presence wherever the team goes, along with an extremely loyal fan base.

So far, the Commanders have done a great job creating awareness and promoting themselves online. Take a look for yourself!

Commanders Brand Instagram Page January 2, 2018

As fellow San Antonians, we are eager to see where our team goes and what they will accomplish together. Go, Commanders!

If you’re in need of some assistance with your brand, we can help! Just ask!

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