5 Tricks To Help Boost Creativity

The world as we know it is run by cycles of existence and non-existence: life and death, light and darkness, creativity and lack thereof.

Unfortunately, as a creative, the latter can often ruin your groove, and it can be hard to get back into it. That being said, check out these 7 tried and true ways to boost creativity and get back into the routine of things:

Write Your Heart Out

One of the very best ways to get yourself back into the groove is to write about something you care about.

Choose one thing you really, really love– like coffee, for example!


Forget spelling and grammar, just write! Why is this thing important to you? What’s so great about it? Why should others enjoy it? What does it remind you of? Eventually, you will have filled up an entire page about something you are passionate about. The point of this? Your mind is now at a good place for creative work.

This is the perfect time to get back to it! You will find that this exercise helps bring you some clarity and focus and stops your mind from wandering so much.


Take A Walk

Before you moan and groan about having to get up, consider this: In a study conducted at Stanford, creativity increased by about 60% when participants walked. 

Next time you feel stuck or frustrated at work, stand up and start walking. It could be as simple as a slow walk to the restroom to freshen up or a longer stroll around the office. This short break gives your brain a chance to reset and look back on the problem from a different perspective. It can also help keep you healthy!


Start Fresh

Feeling burnt out and frustrated? Start over.

Sometimes you just need a fresh perspective to understand what was holding you back. Or perhaps you’re just not satisfied with your work? Either way, starting over can actually improve your outcome.

Or, instead of starting fresh with your project, try giving your workspace a makeover. Sometimes its just your surroundings that are distracting you and all you needed was a more organized space to get back on track.


Play That Funky Music

There’s not a better way to get in the mood for some creating than by listening to a funky song.

Spend some time making your ultimate work playlist with songs that pump you up and put a smile on your face. Then, whenever you are ready to get to creating, just hit play!

For some people, songs with words can be too distracting. If your first playlist isn’t working too well for you, trying searching for “study beats” on Youtube or Spotify.


Take On A Challenge

Perhaps you have been feeling like you just don’t create like you used to. It’s probably because you’ve become too comfortable with what you are doing.

Do some exploring and learn a new skill! Push your limits!

Follow along with your favorite creative when they try out a new 30 day challenge. Try out a new style of art or writing. RememberNot all of these adventures will be a success, but you’re guaranteed to find something that will revamp your creative flow.



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If all else fails, go to Starbucks and grab yourself a vent triple shot latte. Some days that’s just how it goes!

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