5 Steps to Great Brand Design

Design Fundamentals

Good design has two parts: function and aesthetics.


The first is quite easy! You have a reason for needing to design something (an ad, for example) and it’s usually to promote an event or product.

But the aesthetics part can be a bit tricky if you’re new at it.


Before you get overwhelmed and decide to hire someone to design for you, try these 5 tips out for yourself.



#1: Know Your History

Sometimes the best inspiration and guidance comes from what you already know.

Your story can go a long way and provide guidance for the overall design of your ad/social media post/etc. Think about what your brand would look like if it were an image or a person. Is it minimal and clean or bubbly and exciting?


#2: Have a Game Plan

At the beginning of your designer journey, it is smart to establish a set of guidelines (and even templates) for various mediums. This will really help out in times of chaos or when you are lacking creativity.

Having a detailed plan of action will also help your brand keep consistent, which is in itself a fundamental aspect of brand design. You can use resources like Canva to create flyers, social media posts, ads, and even brand guidelines for your business. Refer back to these when you need them.


#3: Search for Inspiration

At some point, every designer has used someone else’s work as a basis for their own. They will seek out inspiration, or even begin from a similar perspective. Over time they gain enough experience and skill to do it on their own.

Don’t be afraid to go out looking for inspiration to help get your project started. This will definitely help you to understand what you like too!


#4: Learn, Learn, Learn

You already have a full-time job, so of course, you don’t have time to go back to school to learn about the best practices of design. But you can try out a few online courses!

There are so many online classes available at little or no cost nowadays. Search for a course that dives deep into the world of design or just pop on over to Youtube whenever you have the time.


#5: Common Design Rules

There is a lot that makes up good design, but here are a few rules to stick by:

  • Don’t push legibility to the side for the sake of aesthetics. Readability is always more important.
  • Keep line lengths short. Text boxes should never span the entire width of the graphic.
  • Practice good hierarchy.
  • Always design for your audience.
  • Consistency is extremely important.
  • Simple is usually better. A chaotic design will turn people away.

Check out Canva’s article for more about the rules mentioned here.


If all else fails, take a look through the Tips, Tricks, and Tools Board on our Pinterest page. We regularly post helpful content that will help you find your footing in the creative community. Feel free to reach out to us for even more design help!

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