Let’s Work Together!

    DataWing Global

    The Challenge

    strong>Drone Data Analysis. It may not sound overly exciting, but just wait until you see what DataWing has been up to. What they are doing with drones is super cool.

    On any given day, DataWing’s team of skilled UAV pilots and data analysts are working to capture and utilize drone data for everything from emergency response and insurance to oil & gas.

    So when they approached Boss Creative needing to revamp their web presence, we were up for it — after all, you can’t really go wrong with a company that works with drones for a living.

    When designing and building out a client’s web presence, that initial impression is so important. Considering a major part of what DataWing does is capture impressive drone footage, we knew we wouldn’t have any trouble creating a unique and captivating first impression.

    Scope of Work

    1. Website Redesign & Development
    2. Content Generation
    3. Social Media Marketing

    The Website Redesign

    To accomplish our vision, we used drone footage they provided to create an experience that would enthrall visitors, without being too distracting. Using their already established brand, we were able to create a fully custom website with their awesome drone video montage displayed front and center.

    The most challenging part of creating this custom experience was ensuring that the quality of the homepage video coupled with the overall user experience would not diminish when accessing the site from a tablet or mobile device. Since 51% of web traffic is from mobile, we knew this was an element we could not compromise on.

    The Results

    The result is a beautifully designed, custom web experience that is unique and effective, regardless of the device. From the drone imagery and video to the messaging, every part of the website is a seamless representation of DataWing as a brand.

    But wait, there’s more…

    The DataWing and Boss Creative partnership lives on! Since wrapping up their website, we’ve moved into the realm of social marketing where we continue to deliver their message to the masses.