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    The Challenge

    Few things are more gratifying than creating something with your bare hands. In a day and age where we are so immersed in a world of digital wonders, it’s refreshing to stop and find something that is truly made by hand. It is the care and attention to detail that drew us in with Ember and we wanted to help them share that story with the world in the best way we knew how.

    Ember Supply Co. is a husband and wife team deep in the heart of Texas (San Antonio) that believes in quality handmade leather goods mixed with a sense of adventure. When Seth and Cheryl, of Ember, first approached us they needed a brand and web presence to establish their business as a handmade leather goods service in the San Antonio area. They saw a need to share their beautiful craft with the world and take something from just a passionate hobby to a full on retail business. Due to the unique story behind Ember Supply Co, we wanted to make sure they stood out by designing an original brand along with a truly unique, website to showcase the beautiful products (www.embersupply.com).

    Services Provided

    • Brand Strategy &
    • Identity Design
    • Website Design & Development
    • Collateral Material
    • Photography
    • Marketing Strategy

    The Redesign

    Typically before starting on a web design project, we like to make sure good branding is in place because this is ultimately the foundation of any company. For the Ember logo, we wanted it to feel simple and clean, yet be able to fit in with a product that is handmade and sometimes rustic. A clean font, combined with an icon of a simple flame gave the result we were seeking for the Ember Supply Co brand.

    During the process we were careful not to lose the sense adventure in which the company was founded on. “Born of our love for quality hand made goods, we believe in delivering products that will inspire and promote a sense of adventure in everyday life. We can’t wait to see where EMBER goes with you.”

    Ember’s website is a personalized web experience that beautifully showcases everything offered by the company in a way that is easy to understand and navigate. 

    The Result

    The result is an online experience that aligns perfectly with the spirit of Ember by feeling truly one of a kind, just like their handmade leather products. From the branding to the collateral material, Seth and Cheryl’s vision for creating a sense of wonder and adventure through their products is brought to life in the most beautiful way. We’re so excited for the future of Ember Supply Co and glad we were able to be apart of its creation.


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