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    The Challenge

    When the South Alamo Medical Group (SAMG) approached Boss Creative, they were desperately looking to create a web presence that would encapsulate their story and showcase it in a way that was elegant but also down to earth.  

    Founded in 1997 by Dr. Trevino and Dr. Ross, SAMG’s philosophy is to continually create an environment that is friendly and approachable, while also providing personalized care to anyone and everyone that walks through their doors. Their goal is to take care of the city they reside in by never denying anyone access to advanced, affordable healthcare. While their commitment to abiding by these philosophies was obvious upon meeting them, the message was getting lost throughout their website.

    Services Provided

    • Website Design & Development
    • Photography
    • Video Production
    • Marketing Strategy

    The Redesign

    With seven locations around the city, SAMG has been serving the San Antonio area for 20 years. Their commitment to and appreciation of the city is something that was important for us to showcase through the various elements we used to bring their story to life.

    The first thing you’ll notice upon opening their website is the video, which is also visible on mobile, and is used to tell their story. Scenes of San Antonio combined with a diverse group of families is meant to show the heart of the SAMG. The idea behind the photography was similar, in that we wanted it to tell a story, but we also wanted to capture the personality of their doctors on staff as they interacted and cared for their patients.

    Their website wasn’t mobile friendly, so we designed a beautiful and immersive web experience that could be accessed easily across all devices and is easy to use for the wide variety of people who will be using their website.

    The Results

    The result is a website that truly tells the story of South Alamo Medical Group, and does so effectively across all devices making their services even more accessible to those seeking medical treatment in the San Antonio area.


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