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The Challenge

Usually, when we think of therapy, we think of all of the things that are wrong or could be wrong. Why are we talking about therapy? Therapy for what? Is there a problem?!

From the moment Stacey Rooks walked in the door, her enthusiasm and excitement for her field and practice were obvious, and it was that passion that inspired us to create a brand experience that would instill hope and trust in every person that came into contact with it.

Our main challenge was addressing the unfavorable connotations carried by the industry as a whole. We wanted to create a brand for Stacey Rooks’ practice that was fresh, hopeful and uplifting and that would translate as a beacon of hope in a field that is so often inundated with pain and sadness.

Services Provided

  • Brand Strategy &
  • Identity Design
  • Website Design &

The Design

One of the first things Stacey told us is that she loves the weeping willow tree and wanted to see it incorporated into the design of her logo. Although the tree is beautiful, we were immediately challenged with meshing the enchanting, yet melancholy, weeping willow with the hope-filled, positive sentiments we were incorporating into Stacey’s brand.

Aptly named “weeping” because of the way rain running down the long, green branches imitates tears, the willow has come to represent balance, learning, growth and harmony – a theme we were eager to intertwine with Stacey’s brand.

In order to create something reflective of hope and of overcoming difficulties while also being inclusive of the willow tree, we designed one branch in the shape of a circle. As the official logo mark, this was meant to embody the idea that therapy can turn your life around. We used the color green to represent the energy and new life that therapy can bring, and blue to connote trust and feelings of calmness.

The process required a lot of research and several brainstorming sessions but the result is a beautiful brand that is reflective of the growth, strength, and harmony characterized by the Weeping Willow.

For Stacey’s tagline, we wanted to maintain the theme of hope and trust that we had incorporated into her logo. Going off of what Stacey had told us in our initial meetings, as well as some of her favorite inspirational quotes, we created the tagline “Find Hope Together.” The sentiment in the tagline removes the scary undertone associated with therapy and serves to remind people that they never have to struggle alone.

“I was branching off and opening my own business and was scared… until I met the amazing members of Boss. They listened to what I wanted, answered all my questions and brought to life what I had been dreaming of for years.”

The Results

In the end, we were able to create a beautiful reminder of trust and community that we hope will continue to welcome people through the doors of Stacey Rooks’ practice for years to come.

We loved walking through the process with Stacey and are glad we could be a part of bringing her dream to life.


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