How to Create the Perfect Creative Culture

Creating good work cultures, especially in creative fields, is one of those elusive concepts that most owners and managers have a difficult time grasping. What does a good creative culture look like? And how do you create one for your company? Below are a few tips on how to accomplish just that and, consequently, create a happier and more productive environment for employees and management alike. 

Value Your Staff

Your staff should feel appreciated for the work that they’re doing, so be sure to regularly remind them how important their contributions are to helping the team achieve it’s immediate and future goals. Most of the time, people will do better work when they feel the work they’re doing is important and valuable. 

Reflect the Unique Interests of Your Employees

Oftentimes, in creative fields of work, employees come from a variety of different backgrounds. They possess different skillsets, interests and pursue different hobbies outside of work. The ideal work environment allows for a celebration of these differences that lets creatives relax and feel at home, which in turn allows them to reach their full potential in the office.

Encourage Collaboration

An ideal office-space for creative thinkers allows for easy collaboration. So, open spaces, open doors and communal spaces for employees to be able to meet are essential in creating a collaborative and creative work environment.

Be Honest

Failure to communicate honestly and effectively hinders the creative process. Sometimes, in creative fields, it is necessary to be blunt and completely transparent. Honesty and respect are a huge part of running a successful creative business.  

Take Risks

To create new and innovative ideas or designs, you have to be willing to take risks- and you have to be willing to let your employees take risks. Instead of micromanaging employees, leaders should encourage creative exploration and risk-taking, empowering their employees to take smart risks and make bold creative decisions.

Promote Learning and Teaching

Employees should be encouraged to work with colleagues and get out of their comfort zone as well as take on new tasks and projects that will introduce them to new skills.

Since most of your week is spent at work with your colleagues, it’s important to make sure that the work environment is filled with positive energy. Use the above tips to create an ideal work environment to foster creativity and have happy employees!


By: Leia Unger


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