Alamo Cafe

The Challenge

Ask any San Antonian what’s most important to them and they will respond one of two ways: family, or culture. (Sometimes both!) That’s exactly what Alamo Cafe has always felt and why they decided it was time to manifest their core values into their branding and identity for good. That’s where we came in…

Scope of Work

  1. Rebrand & Identity Design
  2. Website Redesign & Development
  3. Marketing Strategy
  4. Collateral Material
  5. Photography

The Redesign

Since family and the Alamo City culture (both huge pieces of the signature San Antonio experience) were already present in their brand, we were given the chance to really explore what made Alamo Cafe magical and nostalgic for so many SA natives. We communicated our findings across the entire brand- from the coasters, to the menus, to the website. Above all, we made sure to highlight Alamo Cafe’s commitment to serving families in a way that has worked since 1981, with a little Tex-Mex flair.

One of the concerns Alamo Cafe expressed to us early on was their old logo, which was too complicated and impractical for social media. By simplifying the logo and concentrating on the name “Alamo Cafe,” we were able to give them an identity that was much more flexible and functional for any application. Revamping the website improved the UX across both desktop and mobile devices, and adding a brand new home page experience helped to highlight the unique atmosphere when dining at Alamo Cafe.

The Results

By focusing on the things that make Alamo Cafe so special to its owners and customers alike, we were able to bring forward an identity that not only connects people but makes them feel like they’re right at home. At Alamo Cafe, you’re sure to find a fiesta at every table- that we can guarantee.