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    Boss Creative Latest Work: Ember Supply Co.

    How often would you say you use your wallet? Once a week? Maybe two, three, or more?


    Odds are you’re probably pulling out your wallet at least a dozen times a week– whether you’re looking for an ID, a debit card, or that gift card you got last Christmas. Regardless of the contents it may hold, I think we can all agree how important it is to have a safe, compact, and highly functional wallet.

    Leather goods company, Ember Supply believes in delivering no less than the best handmade leather wallets (and more!), each encased by a surprising touch of adventure.



    Much like the company itself, we thoroughly enjoyed being so hands on with this project. We live in such a fast paced and complicated world now that it was extremely refreshing to stop and find something made with so much passion and diligence.

    Ember Supply Co. is a husband and wife team with roots in the heart of Texas, looking to share their craft with the world and take their passionate hobby to the next level. When they first approached us, they were looking for a brand and web presence to help them further establish their business as a handmade leather goods service in the San Antonio area. Because of their unique origins, we wanted to be sure that Ember Supply Co. stood out among competitors.



    One of the key pieces of any brand is its website. Before we began, we had to be sure that Ember Supply Co. had good branding in place, since branding is the foundation for everything else in a company. Once this was complete, everything else fell seamlessly into place.

    The key components of this website are the wonderful sense of adventure you feel throughout, as well as the pleasing imagery and easy navigation. It was our goal to maintain this adventurous sense that was so deeply rooted in the company, and we feel this was executed flawlessly. Spend a minute looking through their website for yourself: https://embersupply.com

    For the logo, we wanted to maintain the same sense of adventure, but stay very clean and simple. The logo also has a feel of being handmade or even rustic. A clean font, in combination with the simplistic icon, left us and Ember Supply Co. with a strong feeling of enticement.



    The result of all our hard work left this company with a strong brand and marketing strategy, an immaculate website and logo, alluring photography and other collateral material.



    The spirit of Ember was truly one of a kind, just like their leather products. We can’t wait to see where this adventure takes them next.


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