Building A Better Business

Step away from maximizing your sales and profit for a minute.


If you’ve exhausted all other solutions, the only option left is UX.


Our previous blog was about how you can improve your business through UX. We touched on an example where the employees at Gusto redesigned their office space in order to expand and improve the environment for their customers and employees. Their goal was to create a space where both customers and employees felt empowered and serene.

The effect of these changes is what actually led them to be more successful in the end. Employees and customers both left the office happy and likely recommend others to Gusto. These small, positive changes ultimately led Gusto to become a more productive and more profitable company.


It is crucial for any company to reflect on their business environment and experiences from all sides from time to time, rather than only focusing on platform glitches and user flow.


As the CEO you should concern yourself with the experiences of your workers and customers first- and then everything else. Once they are happy, success will almost always follow.


Your employees should love their jobs. Their passion should drive them to create and persist, regardless of how daunting a task may be. If your employees aren’t happy, you should immediately investigate why. Is it because they feel like they are in a negative workspace? Do they not enjoy their job? Are the tasks they are doing overly complicated and unnecessary? It’s up to you to decide the best plan of action for your company, but it’s smart to fix these problems anyways. Put together a team of your employees and brainstorm until you find a successful solution.

The same goes for your customers. Go through your own user flow and see if you notice any parts that bother you, or better yet, send out a questionnaire to your customers and ask them for their honest feedback on anything related to your business. Compile this information and try to fix as much as possible. Keep in mind some of the problems these fixes could potentially lead to.

By creating an overall easier and more efficient experience for your employees and customers, you will notice an increase in both productivity and sales. If that’s not tempting, I don’t know what is.


For more information on the Gusto remodel, click here.

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