Evolve or Die

Marketing Strategy

It’s quite a bold headline, isn’t it?

If only we lived in a world where it was merely a scare tactic and not a harsh reality. To think that we were so confident in consumer behaviors just 7 months ago serves as a reminder that complacency can be deadly in business (and even more so regarding marketing). Almost as if somehow our world needed more social anxiety, here came the pandemic era of 2020. Fueled by fear and uncertainty, then mixed with a tall glass of social issues it has become far and away the worst year in the modern era.

When the health and safety of loved ones is absolutely the priority, it astounds me to see that business owners are shutting down and giving up so easily on their marketing and business operations.

Now I want to be clear that this does not apply to every business out there, but for the vast majority, the pandemic era has been an opportunity to evolve by making strategic pivots. For example, the restaurant industry got hit harder than most with food safety as the main issue. However, when you look around there are still businesses not just existing, but thriving due to a willingness to evolve their business strategy into a To-Go/Delivery style service. When everyone else panicked and shut down marketing to save money where ever they could, companies like Popeyes Chicken kept pushing out marketing even though they haven’t let people step foot inside in months, and you know what? Their revenue is up over 40% from last year already… think about that, UP 40%.

They spent more money on advertising while making sure that their business model would fit within the rules of this “new normal” and now they are not only safe but thriving during the pandemic era.

So ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I have any competitors that are advertising right now and if so, am I?
  2. Does my branding speak to my audience the way it needs to in today’s world?
  3. Is there a way to evolve or pivot my current strategy in order to increase business?

From what I have observed in almost two decades developing marketing strategies and branding companies both large and small, there is no more important time to reevaluate what you are doing. What might have “worked for years”, may have become completely irrelevant. My personal favorite is the idea that a company is going to “wait things out” as if everything we know is going to go back to exactly how it was pre-pandemic even though most analysts agree that consumer behaviors will have forever changed.

So I will leave you with this:
If you choose to not evolve your Brand and Marketing Strategies, you are choosing the Death of your business. It is a harsh, bold, reality… and it’s important that you know it.

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