Your Advertising Agency’s Main Focus:

When looking into advertising remember that engagement is everything. It doesn’t matter how many ads your company is putting out – if people aren’t looking at them and engaging with them they’re pretty much useless. Below are a few advertising trends that your customers will actually want to engage with.


  • Focus on Your Call to Action (CTA)


Take advantage of mobile payment being so popular today and create ads that users can buy your product directly from- or that will take them directly to a page that you want them to see. One way to do this is to target your audience through Instagram stories, where they can simply swipe up to purchase your cool new T-Shirt or be led directly to a landing page or website. It’s all about instant gratification and getting your users to easily be able to view or purchase your product or learn more about your company.


  • Interactive Ads:


Offer your users an experience through your ad by making it interactive. Engage with your customers directly by letting them be a part of your service. For example, Domino’s Pizza allows users to simply order a pizza by tweeting the pizza slice emoji (which you pre-set on their website). How easy and fun is that?! The idea is to make your ad fun and interactive- so get creative!


  • Cater to Emotion:


Always be aware that your advertisement’s content should trigger some sort of emotion in your audience. Results from your ad, and ultimately sales, will stem from fulfilling the needs of your consumers and catering to their emotions. An experience and a good CTA will both create relevance for your targeted audience – these strategies offer much more than just a call to action or a static image, they will create value for your audience.

To help your marketing endeavors reach their full potential consider working with an agency – if you’re looking for a local agency here in San Antonio, Boss Creative would be happy to help with your advertising strategies!


By: Leia Unger

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