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    Does Your Company Need Marketing?

    Remember that no matter how great your product or service is, people won’t have any way to know about it if you don’t have any marketing in place. So, to answer the question posed by the title of this post, yes, every business needs marketing. Branding should always precede marketing efforts, however.

    Before you think about marketing, you’ll need to have your solid brand in place as marketing contributes to your already-in-place brand. Good marketing displays consistent branding across every customer-facing medium of a business. A professional creative agency should provide you with your own personal branding guidelines, including the acceptable colors, typeface, imagery, and voice of your brand. Your clients and potential clients should get the same feeling when they see your business card and read your brochures as when they visit your website- consistency is key.

    Consistency in every part of your branding, website design, collateral material and each piece of marketing strategy you put in place, helps your business become memorable and recognizable – think Apple or Starbucks. Consistency lets your clients know that you’re running a professional business and if you’re professional they’ll be able to trust your brand- with the trust you’ll build brand loyalty. So, remember that brand consistency through your marketing efforts is extremely important as it will ultimately result in brand loyalty.

    Boss Creative is no stranger to the branding process or marketing efforts, so if you’re looking for branding or a marketing strategy for your already established brand in San Antonio (or anywhere in the nation) don’t hesitate to contact Boss Creative.


    By: Leia Unger

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