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    The Fundamental Responsibility of a Content Creator

    Content Creator

    Who holds the most power in a company?


    Nope, not the CEO. Or the manager.

    It’s the content creators!


    As a content creator you have the power to persuade, influence, and create emotion in another human being. You are the one translating a brand into a feeling or an emotion. With your carefully crafted words, you can bring change and greatness into someone’s life, and consequently the world.

    You are the gap between a brand and its people. It’s your job to bring success to the company.


    So let’s not overlook the important role of the content creator.


    Content creation is about more than having an aesthetic Instagram or a cohesive brand. It’s about bridging the gap between user and owner with content so strong it connects with your audience on the deepest level possible.

    Good content is so powerful that it turns a motivationless day into a wildly driven one filled with purpose and drive.


    As a content creator, you have one responsibility: to create content that changes the world.

    You can do this in a number of ways:

    • Integrate your brand’s purpose into everything you do, whether it’s selling a product or updating your Instagram feed. Craft the content in such a way that it connects with your audience and inspires them to take action (buy the product or join the movement).
    • Don’t post for frequency; post for quality. If the internet was our earth, would your content be pollution? Think about content creation this way and your quality and engagement will skyrocket.
    • Bottom line: Is your brand helpful to the world? If not, how can you change that?


    Sometimes this responsibility is forgotten, and that’s okay. We’d like to change that by offering you a free content creation guide so that you never stray from your purpose again. Click here to download the guide.

    If that’s not enough, check out our blog on Setting Your Business Apart by Putting People First or this guide from Hubspot. And don’t worry- we’ll be sharing a few more helpful resources in our August Newsletter tomorrow so stay tuned!

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