#WhatWentDown in Advertising Last Month?


“Good things take time…”

“Change is good…”

“Good things come to those who hustle…”

Notice a trend there? Good!

Long story short, there are a TON of good things headed your way! And to kick things off is this – our monthly news series, where we’ll bring you up to speed on all things advertising and Boss Creative. In addition, you should expect to see more about what we get up to and what goes on #BTS at an advertising agency. So stay tuned, because it’s going to be good!

Without further ado, here’s #WhatWentDown in February:

In the Industry

  1. Facebook launched a brand new mobile app for its creator studio. With the app, you can manage and edit page posts, view analytics, and keep up with your messages – all on the go! Unfortunately, it has some limitations. You can’t yet upload or create new content or schedule posts directly in the app. Desktop will remain superior for the time being, but the mobile app could definitely help you out when you’re in a pinch!
  2. TikTok just hit 1.5 billions downloads. For reference, the order of most downloaded apps (outside of gaming) is as follows: Whatsapp, Messenger, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. So yeah, it’s huge! But should brands be getting in on the hype? TikTok specializes in short-form mobile videos and captures the attention of a huge audience… but that audience is primarily between the ages of 16 and 24. If your audience is in that range, go for it! That being said, TikTok offers some incredible tools and opportunities for brands. Try it out for yourself and see if there’s any opportunity there for your business.
  3. Facebook recently launched a new Pinterest-like app called Hobbi. It’s meant for collecting images of your hobbies and interests and then sorting them into boards to track your progress. Let’s just say we’re curious to see where this app will be in 2 years…
  4. Speaking of Pinterest! Pinterest hit 335 million active users. The United States houses 332 million people, for reference. Contrary to TikTok, we would actually encourage most brands to join Pinterest. After some research and strategizing, you’ll probably find a good fit on Pinterest. A strong Pinterest strategy will pay off.
  5. Good news for advertisers: Instagram TV monetization is on its way! While IGTV itself is falling slightly under it’s creator’s expectations, they still hold great faith in it – and we do too! Video is the key to your audience’s heart, and when done right it pays off. Users are not afraid to let you know if your content isn’t of high enough quality, though. Make sure you invest some energy into IGTV if you choose to use it.

New Logos!

Head over to https://underconsideration.com/brandnew/ for more!

1. Shipt: from Cool to Expected



The question here is why start with something so out there if you’re going to fall back and go with something mainstream later on? Sure, this version makes way more sense, but at the same time, does it not blend in to every other brand? We thought the spaceship was cool!

2. Sears: you okay honey?


You might wander why Sears chose to rebrand back-to-back (2019 and 2020) and not change much of anything. Go google the Airbnb logo real quick… now it makes a little more sense! That said, we don’t feel like either version really fits the Sears vibe we have in our heads. Here’s to hoping they try for a three year rebrand streak in 2021!

3. Paralympic Committee: we’re not mad!


We can’t complain too much about this one. While it’s only a slight change in shape and color, it definitely paid off! The changes were made to reflect a more positive outlook and to more accurately associate the Paralympics to the Olympics (whose rings are more brightly colored, like the newer logo).

4. Livestrong: let us explain.



CEO Greg Lee’s first words at an event this month: “We’re more than a wristband.” Well stated, Greg. Like most brands, change is bound to happen eventually, even if the brand was successful. And it’s quite possible the yellow brand could’ve lived on forever. But Livestrong is trying to move forward and away from the wristbands everyone and their mama wore in the 2000s. All that said, we’re not necessarily obsessed with this change…

5. App Annie: Gradients? Not in 2020!


#FacePalm. There are so many things to discuss. First and foremost – get rid of that gradient! It’s 2020 for Pete’s sake! Also, that’s a unique looking diamond… claw… prism? No, no, it’s a diamond. This one went from basic to basic. Thank you for coming to our Ted Talk.

And finally… what happened at Boss Creative last month?

Thanks for asking!

We had two birthdays!

Dalyn – February 7th

Hannah – February 28th

We did some client stuff!

We just finished Alamo Cafe’s brand new website and some very tasty looking menus! AND a new patio?! (Okay, you got us there. We didn’t do that last one.) Head over to https://bosscreative.com/work/ to learn more about what went into this rebrand.


In other news… there are some BIG changes coming your way pretty soon. #StayTuned #ThingsAreGoingToLookALittleDifferentAroundHere

That’s all folks! Thanks for stopping by!

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