How To Transition To 2019 Like A Boss: Part Three (Growth)

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Welcome back!


Now that you know how to plan for the upcoming year, it’s time we give you 10 quick tips on how you can grow your business in 2019!



The Basics

Content is core-

We can’t stress this enough.


High-quality content is going be the number one thing to bring you prosperity in 2019.

Content makes up everything you see today: that ad, this blog, and the blurb on the back of your favorite book. It is often someone’s first impression of your company, so ensuring that every single piece of your business is in top shape will help attract the most customers.

Good content for business is like water for a plant: it’s the only thing that will help it grow!


Authenticity is admirable-

Transparency has never been so hot in the business world.


Over the past few years, the public has become increasingly concerned with what goes on behind the scenes. Are you cheating your customers to make more money? How are you using their information to better your company? Do you even care about your people, or are you just concerned with finances?


Odds are, you’re actually doing a great job and you don’t have anything to worry about here, but if that’s not the case… good luck in 2019!


Video Marketing Fever-

We’ve mentioned video marketing before, and we’ll do it again.


A good content strategy focuses on storytelling, and videos allow storytelling to be more captivating than ever before.

We could give you a couple of statistics about how much the video marketing industry is going to grow over the next few years, but at this point, it’s easier if you just trust us and invest in better video marketing practices for 2019.


Marketing Automation-

There’s a lot to do in a day. We get it.


Make your life a little easier this year and invest in marketing automation. Doing so will allow you a little bit more time to get creative, and who doesn’t want that! It also helps grow your following on most platforms! (Who doesn’t want that?!)

You can use the scheduling tools in Facebook or even a third party scheduling or content strategy app to save yourself a little time on social media planning each day.

Removing the repetitive tasks from your everyday routine will give you so much more room to grow!


Social Media Marketing-

This one is pretty obvious.


It doesn’t matter what industry you are in or where your business is headed– without social media, your business will likely fail. It is extremely important for you to keep up with your social media accounts and implement a great content strategy this year.

We can’t stress how important social media marketing is for your business.


If you need guidance with your social media strategy or anything else content related, reach out to Boss Creative for help!



A Bit More Advanced

Marketing and PR are best friends-

You always want to put your best foot forward, especially in business!


We recommend putting a content team together in 2019 to grow your business. You might want to include a copywriter, a content strategist, and even someone in public relations to comb through all your content and deal with your audience directly. This wonder team will ensure that you are putting forth the very best content in 2019.


Security and Data Privacy Concerns-

Like we mentioned earlier, transparency is a major concern for your consumers.


While we’re sure you’re already doing the right thing, make your people happy and go the extra mile to make sure your customers know as much as possible about their information and what you do with it.


Voice Search SEO-

Any business person knows how important SEO is, but have you ever thought about how SEO might evolve?


In general, search phrases tend to be choppy and straightforward.

Recently, however, AI technology such as Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Home Hub have become a part of the home. This in itself will lead to a dramatic transformation of the way SEO works. Think about it this way: when someone searches for the nearest pizza store on one of these devices, they speak in complete, almost conversational sentences.

That means that before long you will need to tweak your SEO strategy to rank higher in a conversational format as opposed to choppy search engine speech. This transition hasn’t really happened yet, but it is important to keep it in mind and start planning for it.


User Experience-

Before you read any further, check out our previous post on how you can use UX to build a better business.

And don’t forget, UX is just as much about your employees as it is your customers.



The Final Ingredient for Success-

Regardless of what you choose to implement into your business practice in 2019, there’s only one thing that you need to succeed in 2019: Purpose.

Purpose drives you to work harder, better and longer.


Purpose (and a combination of these business practices) will without a doubt lead you to crazy success and growth in 2019.

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