3 Ways to Push Past a Creative Block

Creative Block

Creative block. It just sounds bad, doesn’t it?

Lucky for you, we’re here to help get rid of it!


But before we begin, there’s something you should know…

Ahh, that’s better.


Now that you have that information in your brain, let’s turn our attention to the real reason you’re here: How can I ensure that I’ll stay productive, even when it turns out to be one of those days?


Method #1: Just Start

Whether you’re a copywriter, a designer, or an underwater basket weaver, the best thing you can do is to just start working. Get something down on that piece of paper in front of you until you can’t anymore. Don’t worry if it’s the worst piece of work you’ve ever done, you can come back and edit it later!

The truth is, content creation is hard, and it’s okay to have an off day every once in a while. This is where your documented content strategy comes into play. (Don’t have one? Start here.)


Method #2: Take A Break

If your brain has decided to check out for the day, it’s probably a good indication that you’ve been working too hard for too long. When this happens it’s good to give yourself a bit of a breather to allow your mind to refresh itself and get back to work.

Try walking around the office for a few minutes to stretch your legs and get some oxygen to your brain. Or perhaps you may want to throw on some headphones and boogie to your favorite music for a few minutes. You could even take a coffee or tea break! (We love those!!!).


Method #3: Try Something New

Whether it be music, a new route to work, or even a new method at work, changing up your routine a little can help get you out of a funk. For some people, a new environment can help to spice things up and get their gears going again. It’s up to you to decide what will help you the most.



Moral of the story:

Creative blocks do not exist. The problem lies in the human urge to create something perfect on the first go and as a result, we feel this overwhelming sense of failure which is ultimately one of our greatest fears. Failure is okay. If we can get past the idea of achieving perfection then we can do anything.

Just start, you’ll get where you want to be soon. We promise.


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